Hi Marty and guys,

Been meaning to send this email for ages but as l have recently retired Steve and l have been away in pur bus quite a few times. It was seeing you follow us a week ago that prompted me to get onto it.
We have had some awesome compliments on the paint work that you did on our Hino. One fellow camper was a retired panel beater/spray painter who spent quite a lot of his career doing up hotrods etc.
He commented that it was the "best" paint job he had seen on a bus!! We are still thrilled with it and as you know Steve keeps it in pristine condition.
So we are spreading your good name and thought you would like to hear of the many great compliments of your good work.!!
Take care,


Faye and Steve Albrecht

Great site, but alter the music - good sound but too repetative! We have had many great panel and paintjobs done by you - always A1 standard - looking fon/vard to seeing all the new features progressing, all the best for your endeavors.

30 May 2010 
3 Waltham Court 
Palmerston North
Marty’s Panel & Paint 
23 Coventry Street

Dear Marty,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the superb job you have done on our bus motor home.
We are thrilled with the final outcome. The paint work/colours are just what we wanted. Looking forward to getting away soon and showing off your work.
We would recommend you and your team to anyone who is thinking of having their motor home repainted.
Many Thanks,


Noel and Lois Morris

Dear sir,

I have just picked up my caravan from Alton Harrison. He sent it to you for a repaint. l just wanted to let you know that we were delighted to see our van and were amazed with the paint job you did. l didn't think that it would come up nearly as well as it has donew and am told that is down to the effort from your paint shop. We wanted to thank you for a great job and well done.
We wish you and your staff a merry ohristmas and a properous new year.
Again thankyou for an awesome job.


Richard and Gillian Tunley