What is the maintenance programme?
Or how does it work? And what’s the cost?

Firstly, our aim is to try and return your unit back to its original condition, and at the same time evaluate your roofs integrity.

We then set up a programme to maintain your units new look to insure your valuable asset maintains it’s value and it’s integrity.

On arrival, we undertake a complimentary 11 point evaluation check; including a trial test spot on your roof.

This determines whether or not we can revive your roof to bring it back to a good gloss level, or whether it will need painting.

At this point we also establish whether there is any damage that you are unaware of.

Any damage identified is explained by the use of photographs on a computer screen.



We establish the relevant groom package that your unit requires.

If damage is identified this will be discussed with you and if agreed, and the time frame allows, the work will be undertaken. Or a suitable time for both parties is established.

Once your unit is completed you are issued a Marty’s Panel & Paint Ltd 10 page maintenance record book , which records all your service dates. It also houses your evaluation check sheet . This becomes part of your saleable asset.

We then schedule a date for your next semi groom, which if done every 4 to 6 months will maintain the gloss level. We put a little sticker on your wind-screen with the return date and you get entered into our reminder service. THE OPTIUMUM TIME FRAME IN OUR CLIMATE IS EVERY 4 to 6 MONTHS to maintain gloss level.

You get a free evaluation of your roof every service and you can use our POP facility or even stay in your motor-home in our workshop if it’s more than a day’s job.

We will give you a lift to and from town if you require.



Pre-prep $100
Roof & luton $55 per sq. metre
Walls $45 per sq. metre
Cab $250
Plus GST

Please note; windows and vents etc are not deducted as its quicker for us to do flat panels than go around objects